Who we are

The team.


Sans titre

50 something.
Current employer: NONE !
Job: Ex-supervisor now super-voyager
Easy going, no problemo style, she likes the simple life.

  • Travels
  • Her sons
  • Minnie
  • Empty boxes
  • Lists
  • To sleep
  • Andera Boccelli
  • …Marc


  • Heights
  • Speed (she just LOVES the cruiser for that…)
  • Spending money
  • Driving

Goal in life: Get on the road again.


Marc intro

49ish (been 49ish for a few, now…)
Current employer: NONE.
Job: Prepares for trips…
Easy going, no problemo, to a lesser extend…

  • Spending money
  • Driving
  • The road
  • The off-road
  • Landcruisers
  • Basically anything that has an engine
  • Metallica
  • …France


  • Being late
  • Fruits, vegetables, basically anything that’s good for you
  • Andrea Boccelli
  • Hypocrits

Goal in life: Get going on this trip.


Minnie intro

6 ish
Mother of 6
Owner: Marc & France
Job: Protect our ass…sets
Easy going, triple A: Amazing Ability to Adapt

  • Marc and France
  • Food
  • To sleep
  • Freedom
  • To sinff around stuff
  • Travels
  • Music (any style…)
  • Wrappers


  • Fruits, vegetables
  • Another dog near her bowl
  • The postman, the UPS guy, the Purolator guy, the heating oil delivery guy, the power company guy…
  • Being on leash
  • The sound of gun shots

Goal in life: To be with my owners, no matter where they are.

Old No4:

No4 intro

30 something
Owner: Marc, France & Minnie
Job: Take my owners wherever they want to go, no matter what.
Tough going, “bring it on!”


  • Rough roads
  • No roads
  • Mud
  • Diesel fuel
  • Adventures
  • Exploring
  • Drawing attention
  • My owners


  • Being called a JEEP!
  • Highways
  • Sitting in the garage
  • Cold weather

Together, we are the Landtrek team. Come with us and explore the Americas. Welcome aboard!