Landtrek. The sequel.

Just like its brother site , this blog has no intentions of being anything very serious. Its goal in life will be to give you the opportunity to follow our adventures and misadventures through the Americas (and maybe more). In these pages, you will be able to witness some of the preparation steps, join us on test rides and finally embark with us virtually on the Landtrek trip.

Getting ready for our 15,000 kms quad trip (in ’07) took us an eternity. Actually more than 4 years.  4 years is a looong time. So long, we’ve had ample time to lose focus and even question the purpose of the trip itself… That’s why we vowed it wouldn’t take us 4 years to prepare the next trip.
Well, mission accomplished; It’s been close to 5 years already since we begun thinking of the Landtrek project…

May  2008 @ …2013…..

So this new jaunt would be a “logical” sequel to the last one which, far from quenching our travel thirst, left us looking for more. Kinda like beer, really.  You know when you drink, the more you drink, the thirstier you get…

So I guess we’ll have to leave and go check out what hides on the other side of that next curve.

a trier 17 nov 020

The project, as it stands now, is to cross all three Americas. from Prudhoe Bay, Ak…


Ushuaia, Argentina…

culo del mundo

…Onboard our bush camper, a superb 1983 Toyota Landcruiser. Read “the beginning” for a full introduction to her.

Unlike what we often see on the web when we follow other fellow travellers, one of our goals will be to get you to discover a new side to all these places we’ll visit for you. We’ll also try to leave the “tourist path” (if / when possible) or, at least try to bring you to see these places and cultures from a different angle.

So there you have it. You now know just about as much as we do about the Landtrek project.

Now, like my Mom says: “Embarque, on ira pas vite”  (Jump on, we won’t go fast).

Can’t do otherwise Mom, it’s a Landcruiser…